Dr. Ramachandra Malla

Principal's Message

Be alive to live

Be alive to prove your potentiality to face any challenge to human existence. It can be through education which brings enlightenment. Proceed and proceed, stop not  till the goal is reached. Charaibate, charaibate.

Dr. Ramachandra Malla (Principal)
Mob- 7008266406

Succession List of Principals

1SMT. USHA RAY24.07.7515.01.780 months
2SMT. KALYANI MISHRA (I/C)16.01.7822.02.780 months
3SMT. URMILA DAS23.02.7804.12.780 months
4SMT. SAKUNTALA MOHANTY05.12.7817.08.790 months
5SMT. KALYANI MISHRA (I/C)18.08.7931.10.800 months
6SMT. SINDHUMATI DEVI31.10.8021.10.810 months
7SMT. SANTI DEVI24.10.8124.10.810 months
8SRI ADYAPADA DAS (I/C)01.07.8309.08.830 months
9SMT. RADHARANI PATTANAIK01.08.8330.08.850 months
10SMT. MEENAKSHI RAY31.08.8531.12.900 months
11DR. REKHA MOHANTY01.01.9126.02.910 months
12SRI N. SAMANTA (I/C)27.02.9120.03.910 months
13DR. REKHA MOHANTY21.02.9127.03.910 months
14SRI N. SAMANTA (I/C)28.03.9127.08.910 months
15DR. SANTI DAS28.08.9125.08.940 months
16CAPT. SANDHYA SENGUPTA26.08.9414.09.940 months
17SMT. PRATIVA PRADHAN15.09.9408.10.940 months
18CAPT. SANDHYA SENGUPTA08.10.9431.08.990 months
19SRI M.S. NAYAK (I/C)31.08.9923.10.20000 months
20SRI M.S. NAYAK24.10.200031.10.20080 months
21DR. SIVANANDA MISRA31.01.200831.07.20090 months
22DR. MEENA ARORA (I/C)31.07.0904.11.090 months
23PROF. BIMAL KISHORE DASH (I/C)04.11.0930.06.100 months
24DR. MEENA ARORA (I/C)30.06.1030.06.110 months
25DR. MINAKETAN PANI (I/C)30.06.1118.07.120 months
26DR. GIRISH CHANDRA MISHRA18.07.1231.01.130 months
27DR. MINAKETAN PANI (I/C)01.02.1331.05.130 months
28DR. BANAJA KUMARI PANDA (I/C)01.06.1331.07.130 months
29SMT. ANUPAMA DAS (I/C)01.08.1326.08.130 months
30DR. AMIYA KUMAR RATH (I/C)26.08.1329.01.140 months
31DR. RITA DAS29.01.1427.05.140 months